Strategic Planning and Goal Setting

The Strategic Planning and Goal Setting Workshop aims to assist managers and team leaders to plan strategically, set goals and objectives for their functional team, and align them with actions, as well as to demonstrate strategic thinking during everyday operations.


The managers or team leaders will learn how to:

  • think outside the box
  • set goals and objectives
  • balance the tactical and the strategic
  • demonstrate strategic thinking during everyday operations
  • construct a plan that aligns everyone's actions to the organization's strategy
  • apply tools and techniques to think differently about issues or situations in their work




1. Balancing the Tactical and the Strategic
  • What is Tactical Execution vs. Strategic Thinking?
  • Leadership Expectations of Deliverables and Competencies
  • Aligning Strategy to Performance
  • Strategy Terminology

2. Taking a Strategic View of Your Team
  • Analyzing the Environment
  • Stakeholder Analysis and Expectations
  • Customer Needs versus Perfor
  • Mission
  • Vision

3. Setting Goals and Aligning Actions
  • Challenges
  • Creating Order
  • Strategic Actioning
  • Linking to Job Descriptions