Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learn Training Program

There never seems to be enough time to get everything done. You can't spare people to go to training because there is "no time" but you also can't neglect the training, development and improvement of your most valuable asset...your people. The solution might be as easy as multi-tasking your lunch hour by implementing a Lunch & Learn training program.

Some specifics and details of our Lunch & Learn training program:

  • We will customize a 60 minute training session(s) on the topic(s) of your choice (click here to see our Areas of Expertise for potential topic ideas).
  • Prior to the session the instructor will meet telephonically to understand your key objectives and desired learning outcomes.
  • We will develop the appropriate handouts/materials and provide an Electronic Master Copy for you to reproduce.
  • Employees bring their own lunch and eat during the training session (optional - we have had many clients provide lunch as an incentive or reward).
  • Doesn't have to be scheduled during the lunch period, it can be 60 minutes anytime during the day or a series of consecutive sessions throughout the day.

Benefits of the Lunch & Learn training program:

  • Provides extremely cost effective training on important and timely topics.
  • Delivers relevant and compelling training in a fun and interactive session.
  • Demonstrates your organization's commitment to employee development.
  • A Lunch & Learn training program doesn't make more hours in the day, but it makes more effective use of the hours you have.
  • The bottom line; a well designed Lunch & Learn training program will result in better trained employees who are more motivated to do their jobs and better equipped to provide your organization with an important competitive advantage.