Effective Performance Management and Goal Setting

Although many elements in the employer-employee relationship have changed, one key component has remained the same. Effective performance management skills are necessary for business success now more than ever. However, due to time constraints, doing more with less, and ever-increasing customer demands, performance management is becoming less of an ongoing process and more of a point-in-time event. In order for performance management to be truly effective, it must be ongoing and not just once a year. Leaders must begin the process by creating clear targets and then follow up with effective and meaningful coaching and support. By engaging the employee in each step of the performance management cycle, employers are maximizing their investment in their talent pool and increasing the likelihood of business success.

The Solution:

Through their combined talents and unique insights, the Carroll-Keller Group team of facilitators has created a dynamic, focused, relevant performance management workshop. The content is new, fresh, and innovative, and delivered with the winning facilitation style that has become the trademark of all Carroll-Keller training. What makes this workshop different? We allow you to work through the three performance discussions (planning, development, and review) crucial to your success and we provide immediate feedback on all phases.

Who should attend this workshop:

  • All levels of people managers
  • Human Resource professionals

Key Learning Points:

  • Understanding current barriers to effective performance management
  • Discovering benefits to creating a performance management process
  • Writing impactful and compelling performance goals
  • Learning techniques for employee involvement
  • Winning ongoing coaching dialogues
  • Delivering the performance appraisal
  • Mastering techniques for gaining employee buy-in