World Class Negotiating Skills
for Purchasing and Sales Professionals

Negotiating in today's fast-paced business environment requires practiced skills so that both sides of the table come away "winners." Are you a purchasing or sales person who is continually trying to eke just a little more profit out of each business transaction? Do you get frustrated trying to create a positive experience for others as well as yourself during negotiation processes? Do you find it difficult creating a win-win experience for you and others during negotiations ... do you have a hard time putting a positive spin on things?

Negotiations in the business world are ongoing. Whether you are a purchaser who has traditionally had the disadvantage of having fewer negotiation partners or a sales professional continually striving for more contacts, good negotiation skills are essential. They are beneficial in building long term relationships for increased business productivity.

This interactive, one-day workshop will consider both the selling and purchasing aspect of business negotiations. It will provide effective solutions and settings in which to practice negotiating skills. Attendees will learn how to formulate strategies, overcome potential difficulties and apply proven principles to make business transactions more productive for all involved.

Who should attend this workshop:

  • All sales professionals
  • All purchasing professionals
  • All levels of management
  • Business owners

Key Learning Points:

  • Learn how to establish bargaining boundaries and set limits; identify obstacles in the negotiation process
  • Avoid common negotiation traps
  • Develop and execute an effective negotiating strategy
  • Learn effective communication skills; know when to ask questions, when to speak, and how to listen
  • Use successful negotiating strategies and tactics to help turn opponents into allies
  • Create linkage to manage concessions (trade, don't donate)
  • Build long term relationships by creating outcomes that benefit both parties
  • Eliminate wasted conflicts and deadlocks
  • Make power and influence work for you, not against you
  • How to avoid leaving "nothing on the table"