From Conflict To Collaboration —
Improving Your Interpersonal Communication Skills

A cry often heard at the water cooler sounds something like this — "Why can't we just all get along?!" These words depict a problem we all share. How do we minimize the negative impacts of workplace conflict and turn potential land mines into positive outcomes? Why do we handle conflict successfully with some, but disastrously with others? Why do supervisors and managers sometimes charge head on into conflict, while at other times they become timid and retreat? These questions form the foundation of The Carroll-Keller Group workshop entitled "From Conflict to Collaboration."

Let's begin with a basic fact — some of us are born with a fear of conflict. We're afraid to state our position and so we may do nothing, or we just want to get the conversation over with and we hurry and impair the working relationship in the process. In "From Conflict to Collaboration" we learn that conflict can be positive if handled correctly. Consider critical business meetings that you've attended where information was withheld because the individuals were afraid of potential conflict. Business successes are inevitably enhanced when participants learn how to turn conflict from a negative to a positive.

The main focus of this workshop is to ensure that participants are equipped to effectively deal with different conflict situations, and to be able to deal with their own conflict issues and styles.

Key Learning Points:

  • Intra-personal, interpersonal, team, and organizational conflict
  • Dealing with conflict assumptions
  • A personal definition of conflict
  • Diagnosing conflict situations
  • Conflict situations and styles
  • Managing conflict
  • The "how to" in conflict resolution
  • Mediating conflict to collaboration