Effective Presentation Skills

Have you ever delivered a presentation and ...

  • Felt your heart pounding and palms sweating?
  • Forgotten your content or the ability to find the right word?
  • Gazed at your audience and found them looking confused or sleeping?
  • Froze when asked a question?
  • Not sure of the impact you have made?

In today's competitive business arena, effective communication skills are a must! Professionals must be able to concisely and clearly express their thoughts to a variety of audiences in a variety of different ways.

There are many critical challenges facing the business presenter today; not least of which is keeping an audience engaged. You need to know how to create and articulate a clear and concise message, respond to questions in an effective and logical manner, and create and use compelling visual aids. This interactive, energetic workshop will provide the presenter with all of the necessary skills required to deliver a winning presentation. The workshop will introduce and reinforce these skills by having the participant deliver videotaped presentations.

You should attend if you ...

  • Present to groups of any size
  • Train people in your organization
  • Give reports, briefings, staff updates
  • Communicate with the media
  • Make formal presentations to clients/customers
  • Want to fine-tune existing presentation skills

After this workshop, you'll be equipped to ...

  • Convert nervousness into positive energy
  • Analyze and utilize audience needs/expectations
  • Create and organize dynamic content
  • Create and utilize compelling visual aids
  • Conduct an effective "Question and Answer" session
  • Unleash the potential of your verbal and nonverbal skills

Effective Presentations workshop features ...

  • Detailed one on one coaching
  • Videotaped presentations (optional)
  • Practical practice reminders
  • High energy audience interaction
  • Proven contemporary theory and application