Effective Business Writing

There is no doubt that effective written communication makes a company more efficient and contributes to the bottom line. In fact, the ability to effectively communicate has never been more essential for success than in today's competitive business environment. Written communication drives business—yet much of what is written is ignored, misunderstood or fails to meet its objective. Investing in your employees' ability to effectively communicate has never been more critical.

Good business writing isn't a given; even top executives struggle with writing clear, concise documents that get the point across and keep the reader engaged. Recent graduates often fail to make a successful transition from academic to business writing and from texting to emailing. Seasoned business people sometimes fail to update their skills and end up with stale, stagnant writing that dates both them and their organizations.

The Solution:

In this very timely Effective Business Writing one day workshop participants will learn how to craft documents, for both internal and external clients, that will meet the desired outcome— documents that are concise, easily understood, audience focused, and error free.

The Carroll-Keller Group has designed a dynamic, interactive one day workshop that will provide professionals at all levels with easy-to-implement techniques to increase communication and listening skills. Participants will learn to communicate positively, respond productively and improve work relationships.

Who should attend this workshop:

  • Employees who use written communication (including email) for both internal and external customers
  • All levels of management
  • Business owners and private practitioners

Key Learning Points:

  • Planning and organization
  • Definition of purpose
  • Message structure
  • Appropriate tone
  • Audience analysis
  • Email writing — do's, don'ts, etiquette, format
  • Sentences and paragraphs — structure, length, pointers, transitions
  • Active versus passive voice
  • Wordiness and redundancy
  • Antiquated words and pompous language
  • Confusing and misused words and phrases
  • PowerPoint tips
  • Proofreading
  • Critique and edit of writing samples for readability, style, punctuation, mechanics, and grammar