Consultative Selling Skills for Sales Professionals

The world of sales professionals is constantly changing. These changes reflect not only the increasingly complex demands of the customer, but a business environment that includes intense global competition. The technology of email, voice mail, text messages and conference calls are eroding the power of a good old face-to-face conversation. Likewise, the days of business success based on "just one big deal" are fading as well. Now, in order to build business success, the sales professional must view the customer as a partner. Successful partnerships are built upon ongoing relationships and these relationships need to be nurtured, cultivated and developed. Finding the right partner takes skill and luck. However, it takes additional skill to create and maintain a successful consultative relationship. The expectation of a quick sale is over. Today a new skill set is required for the sales professional to achieve success.

The Solution:

The Carroll-Keller Group has designed a dynamic, interactive and fast-paced one day workshop that will provide you, the sales professional, with proven insights and techniques to maximize your consultative sales relationships. This Selling Skills-focused session will utilize facilitator led discussions, case studies, classroom exercises and role playing to not only learn the key skills but, more importantly, to practice them resulting in a significant increase in retention.

Who should attend this workshop:

  • New or existing sales professionals
  • Managers of sales professionals
  • Business owners

Key Learning Points:

  • Determining and analyzing the communication and buying style of the customer (one style does not fit all)
  • Adapting your style to best match the style of the customer
  • Identifying how to better understand the prospective customer in terms of culture, values, strategies and decision making processes
  • Stating the value proposition: what separates you from everyone else
  • Using questioning and listening skills to advance the consultative relationship and effectively diagnose and understand the customer's areas of "pain" or real needs
  • Learning how to effectively link the benefits of your product/service to specific needs of the customer
  • Maintaining "control" of the close while building trust and rapport
  • Realizing how and when to use testimonials or past experience to support your solutions and benefits
  • Learning the methods and techniques of a negotiation process that works toward "Win:Win" resolutions to ensure long-term relationships
  • Mastering effective closing techniques that incorporate the key components of how your product/service will satisfy customer needs, confirming all agreements to avoid misunderstandings, and reinforcing the value of your product/service.