Assertive Communication Skills:
Communicating With Authority and Impact

In today's fast-paced work environment, any professional or manager dealing with people needs effective assertive communication skills. Do you deal with insistent demands from clients or customers? Do you report to others who rely on you? Do you frequently find yourself on teams or in groups where interpersonal skills are important?

Responding assertively is positive and effective, showing leadership skills and self-confidence. Professional shaving effective assertive communication skills are most often seen as trust-worthy, credible, direct, and results-oriented. They are better able to generate desired outcomes.

Workers today need to be able to communicate effectively in order to increase their credibility and effectiveness in dealing with coworkers, clients and customers and management. Assertive communication provides the speaking and listening skills necessary to productively relate in today's complex work environment.

The Solution:

The Carroll-Keller Group has designed a dynamic, interactive one day workshop that will provide professionals at all levels with easy-to-implement techniques to increase communication and listening skills. Participants will learn to communicate positively, respond productively and improve work relationships.

Who should attend this workshop:

  • New and existing professionals
  • Managers of professionals
  • Business owners

Key Learning Points:

  • Generate positive results, no matter who you are interacting with and what your situation
  • Learn to be assertive in work situations as well as personal
  • Win: Win Communications — How to position your communication positively
  • Project ideas and thoughts directly
  • Communicate powerfully and non defensively, even in challenging situations
  • Listen actively
  • Recognize and learn to manage conflict situations
  • Express ideas clearly and powerfully