Leading and Managing Through Change

This one-day interactive workshop combines proven leadership behaviors with practical skills for helping leaders respond to the changes they face in today's rapidly changing and highly competitive environment. This program is designed to provide leaders with the strategic and tactical skills not only to lead change, but also to identify at what stage their followers are emotionally in a change process. During the program, participants are encouraged to examine their own reactions to change, recognize where their followers are in the change process and develop ideas on how to skillfully lead them through this change. Participants are encouraged to analyze and then apply the strategies and skills that will help their followers develop resiliency for adapting to change as rapidly and effectively as possible.

Core Objectives

  • To encourage participants to examine their own reactions to change
  • To increase participants' awareness of the various change reactions in those around them
  • To help participants learn and understand the behaviors associated with great leaders as they relate to change
  • To help participants develop techniques and strategies to lessen the stress of change and facilitate maximum productivity during change events

Basic Program Outline

  • The Accepted Leadership Behaviors
  • Personal Assessment (How do I react to change?)
  • The Four Phases of Change
  • Leading People Through the Different Phases of Change
  • Leadership Action Plan

Key Outcomes and Applications

After examining their own reactions to a variety of changes, leaders will apply the workshop skills to accomplish the following outcomes:

  • Understand that the reactions they experience in a change situation are normal
  • Adjust their behaviors accordingly
  • Diagnose where their followers are in the change process and how to lead them through this change
  • Develop strategies for building the resiliency of their followers
  • Complete a Personal Development Plan for successfully transferring key program learnings back to their workplace.