Essential Leadership Skills
for Front Line Managers and Supervisors

Today's business environment requires strong leaders. Organizations cannot succeed without a "best in class" leadership team. The demands placed on today's business leaders, managers, and supervisors increase in complexity and intensity daily. Doing more with less, meeting the ever increasing demands of the customer, as well as inspiring individuals to give 110 percent in a day of economic uncertainty are all great challenges facing newly promoted and front line supervisors.

The business reality is that most supervisors are promoted from within the organization. Very rarely are they recruited from the outside candidate pool. Top individual contributors are rewarded for technical expertise and strong performance by being appointed the newest member of the management team. Although in some cases these individuals are born leaders who know intuitively what needs to be done, more often new supervisors require a formalized orientation and introduction to the core leadership requirements expected of them.

This dilemma effects the upper management who selected that strong individual contributor as well. How many times have you said to yourself, "we thought they had the right stuff to become a supervisor, but they've failed dismally"? Did we give them the tools to succeed?

This one day program will prepare your supervisors for a complete change of responsibilities and offer a plan for the challenges ahead. They will come away with a better understanding of what the boss, peers, staff and company expects of them. The invaluable set of tools in this program will prepare supervisors for their important new role providing greater confidence and success.

As in all Carroll-Keller Group training sessions, specific proven skills will be taught and reinforced. This is not a one day esoteric discussion on leadership. It is a fast paced, invigorating workshop that will leave your supervisors well prepared for the challenges awaiting them.

Who should attend this workshop:

  • This program is specifically designed for newly promoted and front line supervisors.

Key Learning Points:

  • Your communication style — developing my leadership voice and perspective.
  • How to adjust your style to build better working relationships — a tragic flaw for some newly promoted supervisors who are leading former co-workers.
  • Setting of SMART goals and measuring progress — how to establish realistic performance targets for employees.
  • Giving and receiving of feedback — how do I let my employees know that they are on the right track?
  • Guidelines to coach and counsel effectively — how do I prepare my employees to value my suggestions and input?
  • How to motivate effectively — how do I find out what truly inspires my employees to take that extra step?
  • Time Management — how do I manage all of the responsibilities and deadlines that are thrown at me?