Essential Internal Training Skills and Techniques

Navigating through the turbulent seas of internal training is becoming increasingly challenging and more complex. Internal demands are growing exponentially, while resources are shrinking. This reality places an incredible burden squarely on the shoulders of the HR or Training Department.

Frequently companies are solving this dilemma by appointing interim, ad hoc subject matter experts (SMEs) who assume either partial or total responsibility for training programs. In some cases the SME may be responsible for only course content, but more and more they are asked to participate in the delivery of these training sessions as well. When these assignments are made, SMEs often quake because they've never trained or facilitated before. They are willing to jump in and help, but worry that they don't have the skills or the training to succeed. You worry that these trainers, although armed with technical knowledge and good intentions, will meltdown when they're asked the first tough question. Where do you, the HR or Training Manager, turn in order to get these SMEs up to speed?

Essential Internal Training Skills and Techniques is a one day workshop that will introduce the new internal trainer or subject matter expert to the skills necessary for them to be a successful trainer or facilitator. Essential Internal Training Skills and Techniques will cover core skills such as how to create rapport with your learner, how to communicate learning objectives, how to introduce a learning activity, how to ask the right question, and how to engage and reengage the adult learner.

Who should attend this workshop:

  • Training managers responsible for internal training
  • Subject matter experts new to the trainer role
  • Human Resources professionals
  • Existing internal trainers

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the basic principles of adult learning
  • Learn how to prepare before the session
  • Know when "fun" becomes counterproductive
  • Learn how to create rapport with the learner
  • Discover how to create and deliver a winning icebreaker
  • Know how to engage and reengage the adult learner
  • Learn how to minimize the negative impacts of unattentive learners
  • Know how to lead an effective class discussion
  • Learn how to ask the right question — each time, every time